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The feature of Tongsheng water cooled type scroll chiller

1. High quality compressor

Considering that the compressor is the heart of the chiller machine, Tongsheng company chooses and uses the imported high quality prototype compressors from Europe, America and Japan. Built-in security protection settings, lowest noise, lowest electricity consumption and longest service life will bring you full satisfaction.

2. Water tank evaporator manufactured by ourselves CNC machine

Water tank evaporator is made with thick stainless steel having automatic water compensation function. Without requiring of installation of expansion water tank temperature difference and other special applications.

3. Water cooled type condenser

Using the newest CAD/CAM designing and processing techniques, with newest high efficiency external spiral steel tubes from Kobe, Japan which have the features of high capacity of heat dissipating, compactness, the water cooling condenser is manufactured by CNC processing center, having the features of compact conformation, high reliability, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

4. Air cooled type condenser

Air cooling type condenser is punched by high speed punching machine. Cooling fins’ quality is reliable. Two times of edge flanging making the steel tube and the fin touch more tightly each other result in high efficiency of heat exchange. Completely adopting imported steel tubes and full automatic bent tube welding technique greatly enhances oxygen leak-proof and completely avoids the leaking of cooling mediums. So, this type of condenser is more fit for the district where lack water or where water hardness is high.

5. Configuration

The unit incorporation accurate electric temperature control which can accurately control the temperature between 5-25 C degree, build-in compressor overburden protector, circulating water pump overburden brake, system abnormal high and low pressure protector, imported high efficiency dry filter and expanding valve, repairing hand valve interface and other settings is insured to be safely and reliably operated and conveniently maintained.

6. Optional pump

We can provide imported high efficiency and low energy consumption pump according to the requirement of the consumers to make the installation and using of the progress water chiller machine more quick and convenient.

7. Multi-function panel

There is an ammeter, a safety fuse for control system, a switch button for compressor, a switch button for the pump, an electric temperature control, forces the protection trouble lights, unit start-up and operating indicator light on the operation panel. All these setting are easy and convenient to use.

Cooling temperature range: 5-25 degree,

Cooling capacity: 5KW-300KW


Advantage of our chiller machine:

1. No need the special machine room, it has the cooling system, cooling pump, chilling pump, water tank, easy to use, it can be used after starting up.

2. It has air cooled type and water cooled type, integrated design, adopted PLC controller, high degree of automation, high energy efficiency ratio and lower initial cost.

3. It can meet the requirement of 24 hours working.


Our company can design and produce the non-standard chiller machine according to clients’ requirements, and provide the system design, installation, maintenance. Welcome to contact us to discuss.